Introduction To Your Personal Computer

All one-to-one lessons are flexible, with topics being mixed and matched to suit your requirements, helping you get the best out of your computer.

Your Computer The Basics

Jargon free introduction to you computer, topics can include:-

  • Connecting Equipment - Everything you need to know
  • Starting the computer and understanding what's on the screen
  • Using the keyboard and controlling the mouse
  • The Windows Desktop - Your virtual workspace
  • Basic computer terminology

Let's Get Started

Learn to navigate and use the menus in your virtual workspace:-

  • Create user accounts and set up parental controls
  • The Taskbar
  • Starting programs
  • Shortcuts - Keyboard tips for convenience and speed
  • Word processing - Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, Publishing and Power Point documents
  • Printing
  • File Management - How to create and organise files and folders
  • Installing Software
  • Using Help

Using Windows Vista, XP or Windows 7

Master the basics of  the operating system - communication between your computers hardware and your programs:-

  • Find out what's on your computer and where to look
  • How to install and remove unwanted programs
  • Investigate the features of the Control Panel
  • Use the Search Facility
  • Maintenance and Trouble Shooting
  • Backups