Security & Maintenance

Ensure your computer and data is protected. 


Keep your computer in good health by updating Windows regularly, backup valuable data and keep your documents and files in order.


All one-to-one lessons are flexible, with topics being mixed and matched to suit your requirements, helping you get the best out of your computer.  Topics can include:-

Protect Your PC & Privacy

Learn how to keep your computer free from viruses and malicious software that can monitor your activity and collect information without your knowledge.

  • Protection Software - Firewall Software, Anti-spyware Software
  • Making sure your secure - Username and strong passwords
  • Security errors and what they mean

Maintenance & Trouble Shooting

Learn how to identify symptoms to hardware and software issues, enabling you to diagnose and resolve when difficulties occur.

  • Windows Updates
  • Back Up Data
  • Housekeeping
  • Windows errors