Clients Rely On Your Tech Advisor

What do our clients say about us? Read these testimonials to find out how Your Tech Advisor has helped home users.

Computer Training 

For me at 85 years of age, computer use has been really rewarding, but often simple but perplexing puzzles do arise and require a fresh approach.


The calm clear-headed assistance of this young professional has helped enormously, and has clarified some disconcerting effects and failures.

Brian - Sale Manchester 

Computer Training 

I am a retired lady, a real novice with no computer skills and really lacking in IT confidence. I am longing to learn and understand the capabilities of a computer, of which I am a little frightened.


I have been having one-to-one lessons at my own pace with Sue, who I feel so relaxed with and although a slow learner my confidence has grown and I am so enjoying my one-to-one learning time.

Ann - Sale Manchester

Independent Purchase Advice & Price Comparison 

I have wanted to buy a new TV for some time now, but was

overwhelmed by the choice and makes available, which has prevented me from taking the plunge and upgrading.
I contacted Susan, who not only took the time to understand my requirements, but then explored all the options that were suitable, explaining the pros and cons of each option, so I could make a confident informed choice.

The package I have bought, a 42” LED TV is internet connected and a DVD recorder which is excellent and meets all my needs. It also saves me time as I record the programs I want to watch and then watch them at my convenience.

Not only did Susan spec this package for me, but she also found the cheapest supplier online and advised how to register and use a “cash-back” site to purchase, giving me £30.00 cash back, that I wasn't expecting. 


What more could you ask for!
Thank you,
Paul - South Manchester